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Health and Wellness Tips for Summer

The summer is flying by, with all of the backyard barbecues, block party’s and beach time it’s easy to forget about the basics. Summertime is about making the most of the weather—even more reason it’s important to consider how to stay safe and healthy as well. Here are some of our tips:

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen: Everything you hear about sunscreen is true: When spending time outside, use it, and reapply. You need it in the shade too! Ultraviolet rays know no bounds.

Water safety: Whether it’s swimming lessons, floating on a tube, diving in the waves, boating, surfing, or fishing, make sure that everyone going near the water does so safely. MedlinePlus recommends these water safety tips for people of all ages. Also, if there are children around, don’t forget to supervise them closely.

Make the most of fresh produce: Fresh foods are more plentiful in the summer, so center your meals around seasonal fruits and vegetables. That includes tomatoes, corn, peaches, watermelon, avocados, cherries, basil, and apricots.

Stay hydrated: It’s this simple: When it’s hot, you sweat more, so you have to drink more water. Whether you’re sitting on your porch, or sitting by the pool, have a water bottle on hand—and use it!

Finally, find a balance:

  • Get out…. It’s easy to lose yourself to the screens (TV, cellphone, computer)—and so lose a beautiful summer day. Plan some trips to get outside, or just choose a day or two each week when the family gets outdoors to read together or enjoy a picnic.
  • …Stay in. Too many hours + too many days = too much (heatstroke, anyone)? Cool it: At some point, you might choose to have fun indoors as a family—just pull out the board games or cook together!

Looking for more tips? Check out DoDEA’s Summer Safety Tips and water safety tips from Military OneSource.

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