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The MilFam Diaries: Chronicles of a New(ish) MilSpouse Pt. 2

Continued from last week

I was so excited to be sent up to Labor and Delivery after a challenging pregnancy. I was over being pregnant. I was huge and incredibly uncomfortable, and with my diagnosis of polyhydramnios, not only was I carrying around a large baby, but I was also carrying around a baby’s Olympic-size swimming pool.

To be honest (lots of honesty coming your way) it was not the thought of meeting my baby that excited me most. It was the idea of getting my body back. How naive I was! The moms out there reading are all either laughing or rolling their eyes, because what I now know is that we never really get our bodies back. You might get back to your prebaby figure and weight, but you life is never your own anymore.

You may remember that I have a bleeding disorder that I told you about a few years ago. Well that also played a role in my childbirth experience. The doctors were planning to induce me that same day I was admitted, but they wouldn’t know until the following day if I could have an epidural. I wanted an epidural, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I opted to wait. The plan was to monitor me overnight and that I would get the epidural in the morning and start the induction process. Well, my body had a different plan in mind. Labor started naturally that same afternoon.

After 40 hours of labor and every possible medical induction technique, I was only 6 centimeters dilated, and the baby was not dropping into my birth canal. So it was time for Plan G (seeing that Plans A – F didn’t work). It was time for a C-section.

To be continued next Tuesday.