We’d like to welcome Mirage Memmer, our new MilMapSM Intern.

Mirage is an Air Force spouse currently stationed with her husband and son in Altus, Oklahoma. Mirage is an expert networker and truly believes in the power of connecting military families to their local communities.

In May of 2018, Mirage created a website (and eventually a program), called MilSpouseVolunteer.com. Its core mission was to help connect military spouses with their communities by offering volunteer, internship, job shadowing and mentorship opportunities. She worked diligently for more than six months on building community connections: Mirage attended community outreach events, met with base agencies, city officials, business owners, nonprofit executive directors, and fellow military spouses to spread the word of MilSpouseVolunteer.

While working on her program, Mirage also began to notice how crucial community resources were to other military families. She saw the connecting dots between local nonprofits and organizations, and the programs or services they could provide to other military families. She realized it wasn’t just about available opportunities for military spouses, but the resources and programs families needed to know more about in Altus to help support them while they were stationed there. She also began to think about how her work could be scaled.

While researching existing military support nonprofits, Mirage found MFAN and our user-generated resource locator map, MilMap. She reached out to MFAN and quickly discovered the connection between her local program and the opportunity to expand her efforts for all military spouses. Mirage began to collaborate with the MFAN team and was offered an internship role in the MilMap program beginning December 2018.

Mirage is going to take everything she learned through MilSpouseVolunteer and fold it into MilMap, this will begin with a concentrated effort in Altus, and expand to other installations worldwide. We are thrilled to have Mirage on our team.

Fun facts…

Mirage was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii (Big Island). She attended college in San Diego, California and has lived in Florida, Texas, Washington, and Oklahoma. Mirage has a passion for working out, cooking, and helping to make connections for others. If she could escape anywhere for a day, it would be enjoying a warm sunny day on the beach while playing in the water and building sand castles with her family.

If you are interested in getting involved with MilMap and expanding the program where you are stationed, contact Mirage at memmer@militaryfamilyadvisorynetwork.org.