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We want to build a community of military and veteran families at home and abroad who are well-informed about—and use—resources designed to serve them; equipped with tools for success; connected to leaders who serve the military family community; and embraced by the general public.

Inform our community about the resources and benefits designed for military families.

Promote health, wellness, and employment initiatives within the military community.

Bridge the communication gap between our community and the public and private agencies that serve us so we can work together, better.

Introduce the general public to the modern-day military families.

These thought leaders, called MFAN advisors, are military or veteran spouses, leaders within the community, and others dedicated to improving the lives of military and veteran families. Advisors are chosen through an application process that takes place in June or July every two years. Individuals who are selected serve a two-year term that includes conference calls once a month and in-person meetings three times a year. Together we share our perspectives from our local communities and shed light on the real issues military families face every day. We aren’t just an institution gathering data—we’re hearing our neighbors and friends share their stories in hopes that we can help raise our collective voice and promote positive change within our community.


Research, understand, and make sure families know about and can use programs and resources that are available to military families.


Promote the issues of wellness, education, and employment among military families.


Build community among and bridge the gap between organizations serving the military and veteran family; the U.S. Department of Defense; U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; elected officials and representatives; private agencies; and the general public.


Redefine “military family” in a way that promotes the strengths—rather than merely the sacrifices—of military families.