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Meet Our Alumnus

Ellie Kay

Ellie Kay is an Air Force spouse, mother of seven (including three in the military), and the author of 15 books, including “Heroes at Home: Help and Hope for American Military Families,” which has reached 1 million military families. She has appeared in over 2,800 media interviews, including regular appearances on Fox News, ABC News, CNBC, and CNN.

As “America’s Family Financial Expert,” she has contributed to the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times, and was a charter columnist for Military Spouse magazine. She has written regular columns for six national magazines and is a Moms Money Clinic advisor for Parents Magazine.

She is the founder and CEO of the Heroes at Home nonprofit, which provides financial education to military members and their families. The current Heroes at Home Financial Event tour has visited all branches of the military in the United States, as well as branches in Europe and Asia, giving away over 100 door prizes at each event. These tours have been made possible by presenting sponsors such as USAA and Experian.

Ellie graduated from Colorado Christian University with a bachelor’s degree in human resources management and is an Army Family Team Building master trainer. She is an Air Force Academy admissions liaison officer and a member of the 25th Congressional Military Academies Selection Committee. She has received the Army’s Dr. Mary Walker Award and the Marine Corps Spouse Medal. She is a preferred Naval Special Warfare resiliency presenter with the Navy SEALs, and the Air Force awarded her an incentive flight in an F-15E Strike Eagle jet.

Ellie has spent much of her life connected to the military. Her father retired from the Air Force as a chief master sergeant, and her husband is a retired Air Force fighter pilot. Three of her seven children are in the military as well: an infantry officer in the Marine Corps (U.S. Naval Academy 2011), a fighter pilot in the Air Force (U.S. Air Force Academy 2015), and an infantry officer in the Army (U.S. Military Academy 2017). The Kays make their home in Palmdale, California.

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