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Check Out MWR Programs This Holiday Season

When was the last time you took part in an MWR-sponsored activity? Have you checked out MWR rentals lately? What about an MWR-sponsored getaway? During this holiday season, take advantage of everything your MWR office has to offer. Hosting a party? Could you use additional tables or chairs? Check out your MWR. It often has… Read full post

Apply to join MFAN today!

MFAN advisors are knowledgeable, solutions-oriented leaders with a common goal — to support and empower military families. We do not create new programs—our focus is communication, and accessing our network to communicate to the military family community. MFAN focuses on … Communicating with each other to understand the challenges that face our families Communicating with… Read full post

The Congressional Award 4-1-1

Have you heard of the Congressional Award? The Congressional Award is open to all ages 14 to 24 and all U.S. citizens in that age group living overseas, regardless of physical or developmental disabilities. This military-friendly program — which promotes volunteerism, personal development, expedition, and physical fitness — can be completed no matter where you… Read full post

Meet Advisory Board Member Rebekah Sanderlin

This month’s featured advisor, Rebekah Sanderlin, is an Army spouse, mom, and author. Rebekah’s areas of focus within the military include deployments, relocations, and financial challenges. As a mother of three, Rebekah saw first-hand the challenges that military kids face, so she co-created the Home Is Where book series, designed to help military children overcome… Read full post

2013-2015 Advisor Testimonial: Claire Woodward

“At our first in-person meeting of the MFAN advisory board, I looked around the table at a few familiar faces. Other names were familiar, or I knew them by reputation, but this was a group that felt different from the outset. It was certainly not the “first rodeo” for most of us, but collectively we… Read full post

2013-2015 Advisor Testimonial: Shelley Kimball

“Military families have always come first for us, and we show it. The greatest aspect of being an advisor for the Military Family Advisory Network has been the convergence of experiences among us. No matter the question or issue before us, someone has a creative, compassionate direction for finding the solution. I have looked forward… Read full post

Getting Smart on Social: How to protect your privacy online

It’s probably not surprising that, according to the Pew Research Internet Project, 74 percent of adults who go online use social networking sites. With that many people connecting online, it’s also no surprise that while social networks offer a lot of good, they also have drawbacks. People use social media for different reasons, but in… Read full post

More Ideas for Passing the (Summer) Time

Here’s another list of summertime things to do to pass the time without breaking the bank: Think ahead for shopping (school supplies, Halloween costumes) Beat the crowds and start your back-to-school shopping this week. Official school supply lists might not be out yet, but you can still pick up classroom essentials like pencils, pens, and… Read full post

Health and Wellness Tips for Summer

The summer is flying by, with all of the backyard barbecues, block party’s and beach time it’s easy to forget about the basics. Summertime is about making the most of the weather—even more reason it’s important to consider how to stay safe and healthy as well. Here are some of our tips: Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen: Everything you hear about sunscreen is… Read full post

The MilFam Diaries

The life of a military family is an interesting one filled with fun but also pitfalls, pratfalls, and flat-out challenges. Often we find support, insight, comfort, and strength when we can relate to or learn from another’s experience. That’s why, starting this month, MFAN will share first-person accounts from military families. Some posts on our… Read full post

Congrats to the Grads!

Graduation season is upon us. As doors swing wide for those in caps and gowns who are leaving high school, college, and the service academies, we wanted to share some food for thought for those graduating—and their friends and family members: Take satisfaction. It is easy to get caught up in all the pomp and… Read full post

Memorial Day

Today, people across the country are observing Memorial Day. Although some might see it as simply marking the beginning of barbecue season and the openings of pools nationwide, it is important to remember the true meaning of the day. Whether it is observing a moment of silence or attending a memorial service, spend a few… Read full post

What It’s Like

In honor of the Month of the Military Child, the MFAN advisors asked their children to write about their experiences growing up in a military family.  Eleven-year-old Joey Kimball and nine-year-old Gracie Kimball, son and daughter of MFAN advisor Shelley Kimball, wrote the following posts to round out our series. Here’s what they had to… Read full post

Look on the Bright Side

In honor of the Month of the Military Child, the MFAN advisors asked their children to write about their experiences growing up in a military family. Military kids deal with a lot, including frequent moves and family separations during deployments. We’re proud to salute our resilient military kids this April, and all year long. Our Month… Read full post