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Keeping the Best of the Best

The U.S. military services have experienced some of the best recruiting and retention numbers in the past 13 years of war. They have also gained the exceptional expertise and training that has been invested to maintain and sustain an all-volunteer force that is ready, willing and able to defend our country. This ready force requires… Read full post

Are We or Aren’t We—A Force of One?

Did you read this headline? “Funding Rift Pits Active Army Against Reserves”  How about this one? “Guard Fight Gets Ugly” These headlines were precipitated by remarks from Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno at a recent National Press Club discussion on military budget cuts. During the event, he said “the National Guard would not be… Read full post

DoD Serving Up Commissaries for Cuts

When I read the headline DoD Requests Plan to Close Stateside Commissaries and the article about DoD’s recent efforts to consider offering up stateside commissaries in response to ongoing budget battles, I knew our military community was in for a rough ride. According to the article, the defense comptroller and the Joint Staff directed the… Read full post

A Vision Bigger Than Ourselves

Looking ahead toward Veterans Day, and being interviewed by MFAN about my military service and how things have changed over the last 30 years, got me to thinking about the Whys and Whats of service. For me, the Why was simple—my whole life I’ve had a vision of being or doing something bigger than myself…. Read full post

New VA-DoD Tool Connects Parents and Children

Every parent knows that parenthood is a tough job. Military and veteran parents know the job is even harder because of the challenges and unpredictability of military life—and the transition to civilian life can be equally stressful and uncertain for them and their families. Thanks to a new online tool called Parenting for Service Members… Read full post