Check Out MWR Programs This Holiday Season

When was the last time you took part in an MWR-sponsored activity? Have you checked out MWR rentals lately? What about an MWR-sponsored getaway? During this holiday season, take advantage of everything your MWR office has to offer. Hosting a party? Could you use additional tables or chairs? Check out your MWR. It often has… Read full post

NDAA & TRICARE Prime: Your Questions Answered

There is a lot of confusion about how recommended changes to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) may impact urgent care for TRICARE Prime beneficiaries. We, too, were confused. So, we thought we’d try to clear a few things up: Question: Will the proposed changes to the NDAA prevent TRICARE Prime beneficiaries from using urgent… Read full post

Be Smart, Stay Safe

In a perfect world, military families would be able to freely express their military pride. These families make sacrifices every day to protect and serve our country, and deserve to be recognized for their strength, courage, and resilience. However, today, self-identifying as a member of the military community can be dangerous, so it’s important for… Read full post

The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission Recommendations Simplified

The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission has released a report that recommends several changes to the benefits military families receive. We wanted to help you understand what those recommendations mean to you and your family so that you can be part of the conversation. A little background: The MCRMC was established by the National… Read full post

Memorial Day

Today, people across the country are observing Memorial Day. Although some might see it as simply marking the beginning of barbecue season and the openings of pools nationwide, it is important to remember the true meaning of the day. Whether it is observing a moment of silence or attending a memorial service, spend a few… Read full post

Keeping the Best of the Best

The U.S. military services have experienced some of the best recruiting and retention numbers in the past 13 years of war. They have also gained the exceptional expertise and training that has been invested to maintain and sustain an all-volunteer force that is ready, willing and able to defend our country. This ready force requires… Read full post

Are We or Aren’t We—A Force of One?

Did you read this headline? “Funding Rift Pits Active Army Against Reserves”  How about this one? “Guard Fight Gets Ugly” These headlines were precipitated by remarks from Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno at a recent National Press Club discussion on military budget cuts. During the event, he said “the National Guard would not be… Read full post

The 4-11 on the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013

A hot topic among military families these days has been the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 and its cuts to military retirees’ pensions through reductions to cost-of-living adjustments (COLA). COLAs are determined by the consumer price index based on the rate of inflation from the previous year. (For more information about COLAs and the difference… Read full post