MFAN Research: Privatized Military Housing Survey Executive Summary

The mission of the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN) is to connect military families with leaders and decision makers. We share the stories of those who serve and respond to their needs through collaboration and, when needed, program development. After hearing from military families about issues with privatized military housing last October, MFAN began researching… Read full post

16 indicators of military family support align with MFAN research

16 indicators of military family support align with MFAN research By Shelley Kimball, Ph.D., research director, Military Family Advisory Network. We know that when military families are healthy and functioning well, active duty members’ contributions to service are that much more effective. Now we have another way of understanding the indicators for evaluating family readiness…. Read full post

Moving: An Inevitable Part of Military Life

Military family life is filled with both opportunities and challenges, and that is never more evident than during moves/PCS season. Families who participated in the 2017 Military Family Support Programming Survey told their stories of dealing with the stresses of moves. They shared great information with us about the number of times they have moved,… Read full post

Families: An Essential Part of Military Life

Families are at the heart of MFAN. We strive to represent their interests in everything we do. So, as part of our Military Family Support Programming Survey, we asked military families across the nation about the challenges and opportunities that come with military life. They sounded off on marriage, divorce, and issues that affect children,… Read full post

Finances: Military Families Struggle to Stay Ahead Financially

Finances – a big stress for military families. This blog post dives into the types of debts military families have, the effects of financial stress, obstacles to financial assistance that families encounter, and our recommendations for helping families become more financially sound. Debt Military families struggle with debt — more than 90 percent of our… Read full post