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Military Family Food Insecurity

A scientific look at hunger in the military community.

The Research

Early Data: Food Insecurity

In 2017, MFAN began exploring food insecurity in the military community. This year the team is releasing in-depth findings that shed light on the severity of food insecurity among military families.

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Methods & Demographics

MFAN uses mixed-methods to understand the experiences of military families. As in years past, 2019 respondents mirror the actively serving force, with an especially strong representation of enlisted families. Learn more about the scientific approach and respondents here.

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Food Insecurity

MFAN began exploring military family food insecurity 2017. This year, the research team expanded the focus on food insecurity, allowing for a clear understanding of the incidents and severity as well as the demographics and locations of those most effected. Our data show that 15.3 percent of respondents are experiencing some form of food scarcity. But 12.7 percent are food insecure, as measured by the USDA Six-Item Short Form Food Security Scale. Some families are choosing foods that are less expensive but also have less nutritional value in an effort to stretch resources, others are skipping meals to feed their children, or are seeking out foodbanks and other community resources in an effort to make ends meet.

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