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Meet Our MFUR Member

Céu Wolnski

This is Céu (Say-O). Addi and her husband adopted Céu in Nashville right after they got married. The decision was easy…she was the most laid-back puppy of the litter. “We struck gold with this one….” Those were Addi’s famous last words on the car ride home with their new addition.    

For the first three years of her life, Céu caused complete and utter turmoil in the lives of those around her. Addi is often asked what breed of dog she is because of her docked tail. That’s when she tells the story of the Tail Amputation of 2018. In one final act of defiance, Céu amputated her very own tail by running full-speed into a kitchen island and slamming it in an open drawer. She’s no special breed, she’s a mutt with a self-inflicted tail injury. 

Losing her tail was the final straw for Céu. She has since become much more relaxed and precautious. Plus, she can no longer knock drinks over with her incessant tail wagging. Proof that every story has a happy ending. 

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