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Meet Our MFUR Member

Journey Clark

Meet Journey. Journey came to Amanda and her husband as an epic first-time foster fail from a rescue shelter in Long Island. Since being adopted, she calls wherever the three of them live her home. She’s been through a lot in her short life, but the rest is history. Journey is a true testament to the power of patience and unconditional love. Once you’ve gained her trust, you’re known to her as a forever friend.

She is a self-declared hometown celebrity, visiting every small business that welcomes her, even jumping behind the counter to help out with sales (especially if there are treats involved). She enjoys hiking, traveling/exploring, and couch surfing. Her favorite is visiting Amanda’s parents who shower her with attention and snacks. She is seasonally indiscriminate to having ice cream and frozen treats. Often mistaken for a “good boy,” she’s never deterred from wearing whatever she pleases. She can be a sassy girl, so she is also known to respond to “Jojo,” “Lovie,” and “Babe.”

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