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Meet Our MFUR Member

Maggie Kimball

Her full name is Magnolia Jasmine, but we call her Maggie. She’s a Southern girl — she was a shelter dog from Mobile, Alabama.

She’s not the smartest dog. We think that she was so filled with love and heart that there wasn’t as much space left for intelligence. We never say that in front of her, though. She’s perfect.

She leads with her heart. She’s the opposite of a guard dog. She’s a welcome dog, as in “Welcome everyone to my house! Come in!”

Maggie has PCS’ed with us, and she handles it with confidence. Moving with a dog can be challenging, but her presence as we leave homes and friends we love has made all of it easier. She is the constant for the kids when chaos reigns. She leans her head in for a hug when we are at our lowest. She just knows. Her fur has dried our tears countless times.

But her joy in our joy is her greatest gift. The girl loves a birthday. Just bringing out a candle and a camera at the same time gets her barking in excitement. She knows the first few bars of the “Happy Birthday” song, so we make sure no one starts to sing it unless they mean it. (We don’t want to disappoint her.) And when all the pieces come together – the cake, the candles, the song, her family, she prances and barks along. It’s her favorite.

And, yes, she gets her own birthday celebration every October. She knows the difference when it is her party. Her candle goes in dog food, but she gets her song and her camera just like every other member of the family. Because that’s exactly who she is.

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