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Meet Our MFUR Member

Raven & Lou McGrew

Meet Raven.  Raven came to Dalena and her daughter Madelyn via a trip home to Wisconsin.  Someone was rehoming poor Ravey, as we affectionately call her, and since we have always adopted our Frenchies we figured, new family member!  I’m now nearly positive Raven was rehomed for licking and sneezing on her owners.  She can’t keep her tongue in her mouth, literally, it’s just too long for her snorty little body. 

Meet Lou.  Full name Tallulah, often confused for Stitch, she has given Raven a new passion in life; wrestling.  Lou was rescued from Oklahoma and is now living her best life in the McGrew Zoo.  Raven and Lou have become best sisters, and Mom is often seen on Zoom yelling at them for wrestling, and sounding like little piggies.

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