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Meet Our MFUR Member

Remi O’Neil

Though unlikely friends at first, 12 year old black lab, Remington and 1 year old blind, rescue Lucy have bonded over their shared love of couch cuddles, cookies, and kisses. Remi spent the first 8 years of her life as an Army Brat moving from Fort Leavenworth, KS to Arlington, VA. Fond of short strolls to the pantry and assistance up and down the stairs, she wasn’t the biggest fan of Lucy when she first arrived.  She did quickly learn that Lucy often leaves food behind that Remi graciously cleans up. Lucy, a fan of walking in circles at least 4 times before finding the right spot to lay down, she amazes everyone she meets with her sweet face and even has an Instagram following @iloveblindlucy. These two best friends love their naps in Noreen’s office and are always available for a belly rub.

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