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Meet Our MFUR Member

Tinkerbell May

Meet Tinkerbell. After completing six weeks of radiation therapy to combat cancer, Danielle was looking to celebrate life by adding a fun new family member. Danielle had grown up loving her beagle and knew the breed would be a great fit for her family. Tink was a bit too rambunctious with Danielle’s then 6-month old son and endured a bit too much smothering from her then 2-year old daughter, so Tink came to enjoy life in their large, fenced-in backyard. Fastforward 10 years and Danielle’s family moved to a new home without a fence. Tink finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of being an indoor dog and did not even require any potty training since she already knew pottying happens outside. Danielle highly recommends this training method. Tink loves being around her people all day and her favorite spot is sunning on the front porch.

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