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Welcome to MilCentsSM

A Self-Guided Financial Education Program

With straightforward material, engaging online events, social media conversations with peers and experts, and free resources, MilCentsSM is a social learning program created to empower military families in personal finance.

screenshot of MilCents program dashboard

A Flexible Experience

Designed by and for military families, MilCentsSM can be completed on the go and at your own pace — teaching you all you need to know to achieve financial health. Plus, choose from our five program paths to get financial information and tools customized for you and your family.
screenshot of MilCents program dashboard

Real Discussions

Conversation makes learning easier (and more fun). The MilCentsSM online community lets you talk with financial experts and other military families about lesson topics. The program also prompts you to ask questions, share your experiences, and support other participants online for deeper, better learning.

3 featured milcents badges

Keeping You Motivated

We’ll help you stay motivated: Fill up your MilCentsSM Piggy Bank, and earn badges to show your progress. The first 150 participants to earn all seven badges also get a $20 Amazon gift card!