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Welcome to MilCents
A Self-Guided Financial Education Program

MilCents combines information, online events, social media conversations, and free resources into topic areas designed to empower all military families to take control of their finances.

The first 150 MilCents users to collect all seven badges win a $20 Amazon gift card.

Step 1

Understand the state of your finances right now, and learn what that means for you.

Step 2

Discover tools and resources that will teach you more effective ways of managing your money, tackling debt, and using credit.

Step 3

Set goals to help you stay on track with your finances.

Step 4

Learn how to protect your money and safeguard your financial future.

Step 5

Talk to your spouse, friends, and others in your support system about MilCents and your financial goals.

Win an Amazon gift card

The first 150 Milcents users to collect all seven badges win a $20 Amazon gift card.