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Military Family Support Programming Survey

Our 2019 Military Family Support Programming Survey, presented by Cerner, was our most comprehensive research effort yet.

MFAN is honored to represent military and veteran families worldwide by providing clear and actionable data that articulate the lived experiences of those we serve. This year, our respondents were more thoughtful and detailed in their responses than ever. It is important to our team that we glean as much as possible from what families shared. To do the data justice and get this critical information into the hands of decision makers during the COVID-19 pandemic, MFAN’s survey findings will be released in phases, followed by an in-person event in July during which all the findings will be discussed. This approach will allow us to continue to empower policymakers and leaders across the public and private sectors with data that is clear— not just at the national level, but at the local level, too. We are committed to making the information military and veteran families shared count.

Here is our promise to you


We will stay true to our name and will advise on the best path forward based on data.


This fall, we will culminate our efforts with a Solutions Summit, where we will work with the MFAN board of directors, advisory board, alumni, and partners who share our passion for improving the lives of military families to create cutting edge, practical solutions. These people and organizations, quite literally, provide the fuel for our organizational engine, and we could not do what we do without them.

Parent and Child with Produce

Food Insecurity

Available now! We take an in-depth look at hunger in the military community and at participation in free and reduced-price meal programs.

Release 1
Uniformed Couple with Baby

Finances and Emergency Savings

Available now! Many military families are financially unstable and not prepared to navigate a financial crisis.

Release 2
Uniformed Parent Holding Baby

Loneliness and Isolation

Available now! We examine why it’s important for people to feel connected to their community and what happens when members of military families experience loneliness.

Release 3
Parent and children looking at Naval ship

Mental Health and Telehealth

Available now! How does mental health affect military family members, what crisis resources do they have access to, and what role does telehealth play in mental wellness?

Release 4
Uniformed Couple Hugging

Intimate Partner Violence

Available now! How prevalent is intimate partner violence in the military and veteran community, and how does the community experience and perceive such violence?

Release 5
Uniformed parent with child and moving truck

Military Moves

Available now! We explore the many stressors that military families face when moving, especially financial strains.

Release 6

Methods and Demographics

MFAN uses mixed methods to understand the experiences of military families. As in previous years, 2019 respondents mirror the active-duty force, including a strong representation of enlisted families.

Learn more about the research process.


Data Release Events

MFAN is closely monitoring the COVID-19 crisis. We will provide updates to the data release and event plans, as needed.


Learn About Other MFAN Research Efforts

To serve military families effectively, we must understand their lives and their needs. The best way to do that is through research. Learn about our research and how it is being used to support military families.

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