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Welcome to MilYou

Choose to Thrive

MilYou introduces you to information, programs, tools, and resources that you can use to strengthen your physical health, emotional health, and relationships.

screenshot of MiYou program dashboard

Progression System

MilYou is organized into three sections: physical health, mental health, and healthy relationships. It is sequential, but you can also jump around the program based on your interests and needs. We know you are busy and that you are juggling a lot of responsibilities. Carve out some time for you. Join us, we promise it is worth it because you are worth it.
screenshot of MilCents program dashboard

Real Discussions

Conversation with others makes learning easier and more enjoyable! The MilYou online community lets you talk with others about lesson topics and available resources. The program also prompts you to share your experiences, while supporting other participants for deeper, better discussions.

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Earn Achievements

We’ll help you stay engaged by allowing you to fill your MilYou Heart. Fill your Heart by completing all the MilYou lessons, this will help you stay motivated throughout the program.