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Our People

We are a true network. Through the years, those who have served on our advisory board have brought different perspectives, skill sets, and connections, keeping MFAN well-rounded and in the know. We’ve become a family that works tirelessly to support others in the military community.


Each member of MFAN’s diverse and active board of directors and staff has their own perspective, background, and network that help us expand our influence and reach. Their leadership and support serve as guideposts for our organization.

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Advisory Board

The heart and soul of our organization is our group of advisors who are thought of as leaders within the military and veteran family community. Advisors come together on a regular basis to discuss the challenges military families are facing. Each advisory board member brings a unique experience and network. Their authentic connection to this life allows MFAN to identify emerging trends and needs within the military community.

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MFAN Alumni

MFAN continues to engage our advisory board alumni across program and outreach efforts. The advisory board alumni comprises a diverse group of military spouses who continue to serve the military family community every day through their careers, personal initiatives, and extensive volunteer work.

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