No military family should ever have to question whether they have enough food for their next meal. Through our 1 Million Meals Challenge we’re supporting military families in need.

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“instead of having three meals a day, we ate two. sometimes, we slept until late so we could beat the hunger and eat once a day.”

– Spouse of a post-9/11 Army veteran


When families are unable to consistently afford or access adequate meals, they face a challenge known as food insecurity.

Too many military and veteran families are facing this challenge, skipping meals, making difficult choices between buying food or other essential items, and leaning on food pantries, churches, and family members for support when times are particularly tough.

The Military Family Advisory Network has been tracking the issues of food insecurity and hunger in the military community for years. Our research consistently shows that military families have been quietly struggling with food insecurity. In 2019, 1 in 8 of our national survey respondents was experiencing food insecurity. That number rose to 1 in 5 in some parts of the country, such as Washington state. The COVID-19 pandemic has further compounded the issue of food insecurity among military families.

We are committed to providing both big-picture solutions and immediate on-the-ground assistance to military families in need across the country — hosting food distribution events, connecting families with resources, and continuing our research.

Connecting with Resources

If you’re worried about putting food on your table, help is available. Find food distribution events and resources in your community. Also, learn more about programs that military families may be eligible for, such as WIC, SNAP, Pandemic-EBT.

reviewing our research

MFAN’s research over the past three years has helped shine a light on the issue of food insecurity in the military community. Understanding what military families experience makes it easier for us to help them.

putting research in action

Through research, impact-driven programs, and collaboration, MFAN’s efforts have gained local and national attention. Learn more about what we’re tracking and some of the barriers that stand between military families and the support they need.

“i won’t eat if it means my kids can eat. my husband is the soldier, and he needs the food more than myself as well.”

– Army spouse, MFAN 2019 Military Family Support Programming Survey


giving back

MFAN relies on the generosity of its donors to advance its mission and help military families put food on their tables. Help us connect military families with the information, people, and resources they depend on to not only survive but also thrive.

Delivering Food Where it is Needed Most

In December 2020, MFAN distributed more than 45,000 pounds of food to military and veteran families near Fort Hood, Texas. This event not only provided these families with food to last for a few meals, but it also introduced participants to the local food bank and helped to break down any stigma associated with seeking help for food insecurity by creating a fun environment.

In April 2021, MFAN launched its 1 Million Meals Challenge. This includes food distribution mobilizations in the four geographic areas our research identified as having the greatest need: Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Fort Hood, Texas; Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington; and Norfolk, Virginia.

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