To be most effective at serving military families,
we need to explore their lives and their needs.
The best way to do that is through research.


We also share that research with others who care about military and veteran families, like policymakers, stakeholders, and other organizations that support military families.

What makes MFAN’s research unique is the fact that we learn from military families’ stories and experiences in their own words through rigorous qualitative research design.

Use the links below to view our research reports.

Food Insecurity Among Military and Veteran Families during COVID-19

This survey analyzed how COVID-19 impacted military and veteran families’ abilities to get enough food. Results showed an increase in the frequency of food insecurity among respondents, as compared to data collected in a previous study before the pandemic. This survey also provides the five top pandemic-related causes of food instability reported by participants. The survey was fielded in the first quarter of 2021.

Support Needs of Post-9/11 Veterans and Families

MFAN worked with Wounded Warrior Project® to become even more informed about the support needs of families who have left military service. Results of data analysis showed that veteran families are facing more obstacles in social determinants of health.

The State of the State: Texas

MFAN took a closer look at the support needs and experiences of respondents from Texas. This formed the foundation of MFAN’s regional response outreach, specifically in the area of food insecurity. This report was released in November 2020.

2019 Military Family Support Programming Survey Results

Our most comprehensive military family support programming survey to date, including data on food insecurity, debt, emergency finances, healthcare, and mental health among active duty and veteran families.

Privatized Military Housing Report Part II

MFAN’s final report details the experiences of nearly 17,000 people across the country, showing that issues are widespread. The report was released in May 2019.

Privatized Military Housing Report Part I

This report shows the initial findings of the Privatized Military Housing Survey, which described some of the difficulties military families experienced. The report was released in February 2019.

Understanding the Effect of Military Moves

Military families described how moving affected their lives in four primary areas: finances, employment, mental health, and family dynamics.

2017 Military Family Support Programming Survey Results

MFAN’s second support programming survey was a holistic look at the support needs of military and veteran families.