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It’s time to jump-start your career.

Yes, unique challenges we face can make finding a job seem impossible, and the job market can be tough. But that doesn’t mean we should give up. Learn how to promote yourself and use your military life experience to your benefit.

Step 1

Define Your Goals

Questions to Ask Yourself

What are my goals?

Where do I see myself in five years?

What do I need to do to get there?

Don't Know Where to Start?

The Military Spouse Foundation offers a two-part online program to help military spouses translate their skills and knowledge into a career. The first course is free.

Learn more about the program
Step 2

Prepare Your Resume

Resume Writing Support

The following organizations offer resume-writing and job-hunting resources designed just for military spouses.

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership

Download one of five resume templates compatible with Microsoft Word, Pages, and OpenOffice.

Military Spouse Corporate Career Network

Upload your resume here, where an applicant specialist will review it, and offer recommendations based on your skills.

Step 3

Networking & Job Opportunities

  • LinkedIn

    A LinkedIn profile can lead you to an extensive network of peers, fellow military spouses, and job opportunities. There are a number of groups dedicated to military spouses.

  • NMSN Logo

    National Military Spouse Network

    NMSN provides military families with networking and career advancement services. The website features a members-only forum — a private community where military spouses can join webinars and networking events, and meet industry insiders.

Step 4

Ace the Interview

Land Your Dream Job

Be prepared

After securing an interview, it’s time to get to know the company. Review the organization’s website and the position for which you are applying. This will help you come up with questions and help you decide if this position and company is right for you.

Dress for success

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. You can never go wrong with a classic suit or dress (be sure to iron everything the night before)!

Say thank you

Always send a thank-you note to people who interviewed you (ask for their business card during the interview). Handwritten notes are best.